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Event MLK ASSASSINATED BY US GOVT: King Family civil trial verdictwww.blacklistednews.comThe Best in Uncensored News Information and Analysis

Tonight, The Boston Bombings and the CIA Connection. Graham Fuller and Uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev, then, CIA-connected Terror Group Issues Threat Ahead of Russian Olympic Games, and later, DHS Gave Muslim Brotherhood VIP Treatment, No TSA Pat Downs. 
Details & More on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

In Fullerton, No First Amendment Right to Peaceably Assemble - Undercover agents kidnap peaceful citizen journalists and demonstrators.

Soros Supported Protests Turn Violent in Ukraine - Protesters want country to integrate with European Union. John Lennon on MLK's assassination

Sebelius Uses MLK Day to Plug Obamacare -

An Oscar winning documentary, "Inside Job", on the 2008 financial crisis,and how our "manufacturing base was destroyed" interviewing dozens of officials and 'academics' in the pockets of the banksters, along with utter feelings of disgust on the vermin that run Wall St, who have bought out Washington and have corrupted the very academia we rely on for objective information, Harvard first and foremost (HBS and the Economics Dept). Few if any of them has been prosecuted, as the culprits have the means to in effect buy off the officials whose responsibility and authority it is to start an investigation. 

By way of analogy, of how a country governmental system can be afflicted with such disease, consider how a body is afflicted with a tumorous cancer, which thrives because the condition (or the processes leading to it) has debilitated the immune system, preventing the white blood cells from penetrating the tumor and "arresting" the cancer cells.

So desperate are the powers that be to sell their “product,” it matters not whose memory they desecrate 
The Dark Side of "I Have a Dream": The FBI's War on Martin Luther King | Mother Jones
MLK's historic speech represented a high point in US history—and intensified J. Edgar Hoover's ugly covert crusade against the civil rights leader. America’s most popular prescription sleep medication Ambien linked to mass shootings 

Earlier today we saw what the oil industry is doing to the US.
It's 1000 fold worse overseas.  One example.... Video:

Who's got the VIDEO LINK for the piece on MLK linked with Oliver Stone's JFK?
with mention of the 1999 trial in Memphis-- the only trial ever conducted regarding King's murder. The jury concluded James Earl Ray was innocent 
where Correta Scott King et al shook James Earl Ray's hand cause they knew he was innocent AND
that the FBI and friends had KILLED MLK JFK (2/7) Movie CLIP - Crossfire in Daley Plaza (1991) HD JFK (4/7) Movie CLIP - A Meeting with X (1991) HD JFK (7/7) Movie CLIP - The Truth (1991) HD JFK (3/7) Movie CLIP - A Mystery Wrapped in a Riddle Inside an Enigma

Each year we remember Martin Luther King Jr. without mentioning the fact that it was our own government that killed him, according to the evidence, testimony and verdict of the 1999 trial in Memphis-- the only trial ever conducted regarding King's murder. The jury concluded James Earl Ray was innocent and that the Memphis Police Department (most likely shooter) acting in league with Federal agencies was primarily responsible for King's murder. Google "An Act of State" and "William Pepper" if you're willing to address this supreme injustice, because institutions keep doing that which they can get away with.

Expert: China Preparing to Target U.S. Aircraft Carriers - “Mutually Assured Destruction” guiding hypersonic missile policy in Washington & Beijing.

Secret ‘Minority Report’ Tech In All Post-2010 iPhones -

DHS Gave Muslim Brotherhood VIP Treatment, No TSA Pat Downs - Document reveals delegation was allowed to skip secondary screening.

Alex unravels the latest in government lies and misinformation. The State Dept. ordered the TSA to spare members of the Muslim Brotherhood from the invasive screening process that millions of Americans endure at airports everyday, according to an official document. These members were given preferential treatment despite their organization's ties to al-Qaeda. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

Buy GOLD and SILVER. Obama is BURNING up the PRINTING PRESSES cranking out COUNTERFEIT MONEY that is losing buying power quicker than ever since 2008.

An awfully large number of top financial CEO's
were not in their World Trade Center offices 9/11 

Would you be surprised to learn that some of
the very same same people who were at the center
of the massive frauds that have tanked the US

Would also be key persons of interest in a true 9/11

And that when studied comprehensively the two operations 
give the appearance of being interlinked? 

Mind boggling research put together beautifully
and all backed up by public access documentation. 


The oil industry has done a good
job of creating havoc and environmental
destruction around the world. 

Now the chickens are starting to
come home to roost. 

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