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1/17 - Friday 

Meet me at the Edwardian Ball. Both days!
Not much else in the year really compares to this event. There was some nice stuff at New Years 
Wear your best and dance amongst art in motion.

Staying in the East Bay tonight? Here is your mission:
Dig Beats Antique? You'd better. It has side-evolved into Dirtwire. Music makers are always cross-pollinating. Makes for fresh an' tasty ear-fruit. I know and dig all the performers that night. I'd be there but I'm working the Edwardian Ball.

ClouD has some lovely stuff this weekend and beyond. Lemme update that damn page. Can't get to doc edit on my iPad...

Later in SF... Do I know about a party on 6th Street at Market? Nope. Not me. Not at 2am that's for sure. 

1/18 - Saturday 

6am? The Cosmo on Broadway is a nice stop. No cover. Nice people.

Might NOT be any tickets left for the evening. 

And later? Nothing going on in SF. That's for sure...

1/19 - Sunday 

6am AGAIN? "Sundaze" at Monroe also on Boadway. $10 this time. Worth it. Whew!

2/1 - Saturday in February...

The nice folks at the Digital Renaissance Festival booked me for Feb. 1st at ClouD9! Let's fill in the rest of my calendar!

May 4th - YES, that's what I meant!

Likely the date for the Next HoWWeird Street Faire.
It will be even BiGGer! We are eXpandinG->->~~~~~


Oshan Anand is BEGINNING a 12+ year sentence.
Find out the latest in his RECENT letter to us all.

>>>>>Other Stuff<<<<<

>>The other monthly show you should NEVER miss?
Jamie DeWolf will never disappoint you Oakland!
He also hosts burlesque at New Parish!

>> Okay, who likes pasties? I know a guy...
Jim Sweeny, aka "Kingfish", has some for you at anyone of the shows he MCs and produces EVERY week in SF and the East with his Hubba Hubba Review!

>>Cafe culture action in the East Bay? Starts with "A".
Actual Cafe 
Arbor Cafe 
Awaken Cafe 

>>Find me onstage sometimes for this wonderful night of personal perfromance:

>>Want something pretty...that used to be dead? (Some of it was never alive anyways... If that helps.)
By Miss Leah Romanelli - creatrix and resident mixologist at ClouD9!

>>My Kilt? Tim Gallagher can help.
Say "ISAAC sent me!" for a good discount on the kilt plus two free pockets! Think Christmas!

>>Best SF Bar for Best Variety of Events night after night? -----F8-----
(the old Icon Lounge)--- 1192 Folsom ..or.. 

>>Good place for variety in Berkeley?
ClouD 9 over off Gilman.
Gotta get on the mailing list for this special spot. Live music, workshops, raw chef classes, crazy yoga, funk music, afrobeat, oLD school hip hop, and archery now and then.

What else?
Oh yeah...Oakland and beyond events that I can't even keep up with..Sarah Sexton will help you with that. 
I trust her. She is Oaktown Indie Mayhem!
Lots of live music at Awaken Cafe and beyond.

And whatever the East Bay Bicycle Coalition tells you to do...there you go!

Annd anything George Kaskanlian Jr. is involved THIS!
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.