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Get Off The Phone

Government terror 7/7 London Bombings

China rehabilitation of the Loess Plateua. Mind blowing! -biggest environmental project ever -  an area of earth the size of Texas.
Greening China's Loess Plateau -- by John D Liu
This short take is extracted from "Hope in a Changing Climate", John D. Liu's wonderful 
What happened to a young women as a result of taking the Flu shot... Do you really know what is in it???
Protest FCC Chair Wheeler Thurs. Jan. 9th SF Bay Area | Stop Smart Meters! 
Thomas E. Wheeler, recently appointed by President Obama as Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will be speaking in Mountain View and Oakland, CA on Thursday, January 9.
Join planned protests and speak out against increasing wireless health damage.
Boston Marathon Bombing - Crisis Actors Caught in the Act 
****WARNING - FOOTAGE MAY BE DISTURBING TO SOME VIEWERS**** They just keep on TSA Harassment Has Gone Too Far
Oh comon' guys, this is just a TSA training film, to make sure their agents know how to do 'it'. ...not too far from the truth it seems...sigh. 

Florida man uses AK-47 to defend himself against 3 armed home invaders. Watch news video and read story here.

That makes this a DEFENSE RIFLE. You should get one too BEFORE any of the FOLLOWING DISASTERS OCCUR:

note: ZOMBIES are just HUNGRY ass humans who will KILL you for your food, cause they did not prep. That is why you need to Prep. That is why you need to Help your friends and neighbors to PREP, to grow their own food, to share, to prepare.

NIP a cold or FLU in the BUD most every time. Works for me.
Garlic. Tangerine. Sleep. Water. I admit this works best the very first moment of a cold or flu when you feel that tickle in your nasal cavity. Crush ad dice 2 gloves of garlic chase with water so you don't burn your mouth. Avoid Work, Fluorescent lights, Noise, Dairy, alcohol sugar caffeine. GET SLEEP and REST.
Lemon Ginger Honey Echinacea Cayenne are antiviral too.
WATER WATER FLUIDS stay hydrated. Stay warm.     U.S.: The next USSRBelieve it

Feinstein is a BITCH.
I managed to survive for a decade without using that word.
till she put it back.
She sold guns to Indonesia killing a million people
she carries a GUN in her purse
yet she is "anti gun"
THIS BITCH says FIRST AMENDMENT does not apply to citizens.
Feinstein says I should not have FREE SPEECH if I am not a registered member of the PRESS Dianne Feinstein First Amendment Is A Special Privilege Probiotics During Cold Season?   You will be jailed . . .. . . if you don't buy private health insurance Attitash Nor'Easter Mountain Coaster Summer Cruising Safecast is a global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation measurements to empower people with data about their environments.

120-year old city without government functions just fine 
Crises actress appears 3 different times; 
1. Sandy Hook 2. Boston Bombing Drill 3. Police Chase 

This BRAND NEW video blows the lid off of one of the MOST OBVIOUS inconsistencies in the entire JFK Conspiracy... in under 4.5 minutes.

 How Hitler used Universal Healthcare in Holocaust
The next time someone tells you Obamacare isn't Fascist, then ask them to watch this video. Government should never control healthcare. Healthcare should never be used to "control people."
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